The best packaging materials for your products

For a sustainable future

Packaging materials protect food from environmental influences and premature spoilage. They facilitate handling and are a central component of efficient logistics. Sustainability plays a central role at this point, because in the interplay between optimum product protection, an attractive POS presentation and the recyclability of a packaging, not only CO2 can be saved.

In recent years, there have been many innovations and further developments in the field of packaging materials, also due to country-specific recycling specifications and requirements. As a manufacturer of packaging machines and packaging lines, it is important to us to guarantee our customers maximum flexibility in the choice of packaging materials. Therefore, our machines are designed to process different packaging materials and thicknesses and can basically process both sealable paper materials and different (mono)plastics. In addition, as part of our Life Cycle Service concept, we offer a wide range of upgrades and retrofits for existing machines in order to adapt them to changing packaging tasks.

Application tests

For many years we have been offering our customers various test possibilities in our technical centre in Fernwald, which, for example, show the effort of a packaging material change in relation to the expected output, the bag quality and the specific sealed seam quality without disturbing your production.  The tests are used for the application-specific design of new packaging machines, but also for the conversion of existing machines to new packaging tasks. Every year we carry out more than 130 application tests with alternative packaging materials and have accumulated comprehensive knowledge on the subject of sealing geometries and applications.

Success stories with our customers

Testing possibilities in our technical centre:

  • Machineability of the packaging material
  • Expected output rate
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Tensile test (seal strength)
  • Microtome cuts
  • Tightness tests


Benefit from our application knowledge and our international network of packaging material partners and work with us to find the best packaging material for your packaging tasks - whether paper, mono PE, mono PP or composite packaging materials.

    For our customers and together with the packaging material manufacturers we are happy to contribute to the further development of packaging materials and also support changeovers of our packaging machines in production.

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    With more than 500 different products packed on ROVEMA machines, we have a very large know-how and immense experience in handling a wide variety of products and packaging materials.

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