Packing liquids efficiently and sustainably

Application example

Bag shape: flat bag with a fold-over seam (rapport length 250 mm)
Packaging material: SOLOTOP PE; 75 µm mono-PE
Supplier: › National Flexible
Machine: › BVC 310 Liquid

With SOLOTOP PE from National Flexibles, ROVEMA successfully tested a materially recyclable multilayer composite with EVOH barrier.

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The packaging material solution made of 75 µm mono-PE achieved an output of 60 pouches per minute in the application test with a heat sealing process on the ROVEMA BVC 310 Liquid machine.

The output data equates to a filling quantity of 950 ccm in a flat bag with a fold-over seam (rapport length 250 mm), a typical ketchup packaging for the food service sector.