Unpackaged confectionery packaged quickly, sustainably and with advertising impact

Application example

Bag shape: ROPACK with ZIP
Packaging material: BOPP/PE, thickness 90 µm
Supplier: › Hatzopoulos
Machine: › BVC 260 Flexible

There are recyclable packaging materials for the confectionery industry that are quick and easy to processand are promotionally effective on top! ROVEMA has successfully tested this polyolefin packaging material for the production of attractive Doypack-like stand-up pouches (RoPack). Thanks to the high seal strength and the integrated fat, oil and water vapour barrier, even sensitive unwrapped confectionery products such as gummy bears remain aromatic and fresh for a long time.

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With a recyclable zip as a reclosure option, this application becomes a sustainable solution that can be disposed within the polyolefin recycling cycle.

This packaging material is particularly easy to process and allows additional sophisticated bag options, e.g. with sealed bottom edges.

In an application test, 150 g of Dragees were packed with a continuously operating BVC Flexible Vertical Form, Fill and Seal machine, with an output rate of up to 110 bags/minute. The repeat length was 115 mm.