Packaging coffee

What is really important?

Desire for coffee continues to grow! According to a forecast by the United States Department of Agriculture, global consumption is expected to reach 166.4 million bags in 2019/2020. So the demand is there - both for coffee beans and for ground, agglomerated or freeze-dried coffee.

But what do manufacturers have to take into account when packing the different coffee variants? Are there entry-level solutions for producers of smaller quantities? Which dosing system is the right one for each packaging task, e.g. if ground coffee and whole beans shall be packed on one machine?

ROVEMA has summarized answers to the most common questions of the industries in a packaging guide and at the same time describes common process steps like gassing, valve application and bag design. Especially for the premium product coffee the choice of packaging material is crucial. To what extent can new, alternative packaging materials be used? This question is also addressed in this guide.

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Packaging Guide "Packaging coffee"

More than 60 years of industry experience in just one guide. From line competence to the use of sustainable packaging materials, everything is included.

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