Packaging with Paper

100 % recycling or 0 % waste?

Sustainability, plastic packaging, and recycling initiatives are complex topics characterized by nuanced facts and strongly held beliefs.

Consumer sentiment, in contrast, is simple and straightforward. There’s growing disdain for plastic packaging. Plastic provides a number of important characteristics as a packaging material. These include volume reduction, food safety and freshness, production efficiency, aesthetics and convenience features. But consumers increasingly struggle with the contradiction of purchasing healthier, simpler, unadulterated or organic food in a package that’s associated with disonant themes.

Manufacturers and brands need to understand the reality of recycling programs and material options, and they need to simultaneously position themselves to quickly respond to growing calls for paper packaging which is perceived as more sustainable and better aligned with healthier food.

ROVEMA can support manufacturers to efficiently adapt existing VFFS primary packaging equipment to run paper in place of plastic.

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White Paper "Packaging with paper"

A Food Manufacturers Guide to the Reality and Consumer Perceptions of Sustainability, and Real World VFFS Primary Packaging Execution with Paper.

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