Our SBS with new button valve applicator

For coffee applications requiring a degassing valve, this ROVEMA SBS is equipped with the particularly high-performance new valve applicator for button valves. Depending on product characteristics, bag style and packaging material chosen, the machine achieves an output rate of up to 70 bags per minute:
70 bags/min for 283g of whole bean coffee
43 bags/min  for 1134g of whole bean coffee

The Brick Pack machine SBS processes packing materials from the flat film web. The aroma valve is fitted in the reel carrier of the packaging machine, offering maximum flexibility since the process allows an even wider sealing window, which can be adapted to the requirements of the particular packing material and the button valve selected. Depending on the valve or packaging material, the machine can be equipped with both ultrasonic and heat sealing. This means that an even wider range of packaging materials and valves can be selected, allowing, for example, the packaging to be tailored precisely to the recycling specifications of the market in question. It is also possible to change over to a different valve geometry or a different valve manufacturer with corresponding adaptation of the valve infeed.