Success Story

New case study in cooperation with MAMUT POLSKA S.A.

We would like to thank Mamut Polska S.A. for their incredible cooperation in our recent case study.
The machinery of the bakery in Wroclaw has recently been expanded by a new, modern ROVEMA SBS 250 packaging machine. This advanced machine is designed to form and fill high quality block bottom bags and is equipped with a high precision auger dosing system. The packs are made of heat-sealable, compostable FSC paper from the flat film web and have an excellent seal quality.
Our main objective was to improve the logistics and ensure the complete safety of one of MAMUT POLSKA S.A.’s leading products - breadcrumbs. Previously, the product was packaged in traditional pre-made paper bags that were sealed with glue after filling. While such pre-made bags are popular and reliable in the bakery and flour industries worldwide, the introduction of our new ROVEMA technology has significantly improved the packaging process for breadcrumbs.
Thank you, MAMUT POLSKA S.A., for trusting us with this important project. Your cooperation has been invaluable and we look forward to continuing our partnership and achieving even greater success together.

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