Packaging solutions

Up to 130 pillow paper bags per minute for frozen food

Mondi and ROVEMA work very successfully together with a high standard of competence within the frozen food industry

Rovema will be exhibiting at Hispack 2022 presenting a sophisticated and sustainable solution for the packaging frozen food. A continuous ROVEMA REVO S machine will be on display: With the REVO series, ROVEMA now has even more to offer to the frozen food industry. The continuous Form Fill and Seal machines of the REVO series have a modular design and are available as a simple version for small budgets up to a special machine with an inclined filling tube for the particularly gentle packaging of fragile products.

Adaptable to continuous or intermittent packaging, the ROVEMA REVO can also reliably process demanding packaging materials such as paper. The ROVEMA REVO is available as standard with Siemens or B&R machine control. At Hispack 2022, ROVEMA will show a pillow bag solution made of kraft paper with water vapour barrier for the deep-freeze industry. A kraft paper from Mondi will be used that can be disposed of via the paper recycling stream.

Mondi's functional barrier papers are a sustainable packaging alternative, especially for FMCG applications, and can be used as a substitute for plastic films and laminates. The application demonstrated at the show achieves an output of up to 130 pillow bags per minute and can be retrofitted to existing REVO S machines.

About the Mondi paper packaging material:

Mondi packaging material is produced from renewable raw materials procured from responsible sources. It is characterised by specific mechanical properties such as puncture resistance, flexibility, printability and protection against external influences. The coating technologies applied to these papers create adapted barriers against grease and water vapour and also ensure sealability.

Paper packaging contributes to a circular economy by maintaining the use of raw materials through recycling. Paper fibres are recycled and reused on average 4 to 6 times; fresh fibres keep the cycle going.

Paper and paper-based packaging are the most recycled material in the EU and worldwide.