Packaging solutions

Stand-up paper bags easily retrofitted

In close cooperation with Sappi, ROVEMA developed a stand-up paper bag for the confectionery industry. Special focus was placed on a flexible retrofit offer for existing customers, because paper packaging is often first tested in smaller batches or for specific distribution channels. In addition, there is still a lot of movement in the market, packaging materials are regularly being further developed, and the requirements of governments in countries, e.g. with regard to recycling quotas, have also become more stringent in recent years.

Quick switch between formats

The use of a contemporary, modern paper packaging material should be uncomplicated for as many existing customers as possible. In this context, attention was also paid to fast format changes and a straightforward investment volume: ROVEMA estimates an average changeover time, e.g. from pillow bag to the stand-up pouch form SUP, of less than 20 minutes.

Conserving resources and scoring at the POS

ROVEMA and Sappi worked particularly on the stiffness, sealability and thickness of the paper. The aim was to achieve the highest possible resource efficiency, even if this does not guarantee 100% stability in every case - depending on the filling quantity and the packaged product, the SUP may lean against the following bag on the shelf. In any case, the ROVEMA SUP made of Sappi paper meets the key sustainable requirements of many producers and also offers the additional advantages of a stand-up pouch in terms of advertising effectiveness and convenience, e.g. the large facing for your advertising message and a convenient product removal. The expected output rate is comparable to a block bottom application. Filling weight and volumes match all current common market applications, e.g. also mueslis, chocolate lentils or confectionery. .