Packaging solutions

Together for packaging efficiency and sustainability

ROVEMA GmbH and A. HATZOPOULOS S.A. join forces to present at the upcoming FOODTECH Greece expo a high performance, recyclable packaging solution, running at full speed at the new ROVEMA inno-tech REVO machine series.


Mono-material, all-PP Recyclable solution based on X-CYCLETM

The innovative HATZOPOULOS film is based on the converter’s X-CYCLETM packaging concept. The packaging design meets the CEFLEX guidelines for flexible packaging designed for recycling, which strongly recommends the replacement of existing flexible packaging with mono-material film alternatives where possible, in order to facilitate recycling. This particular mono-material film, constructed exclusively from polypropylene films, can be easily recycled through the PP recycling streams already existing in several European countries.


High protection

The laminate incorporates high-barrier properties to provide high protection against humidity / water vapor, a key-point for many food producers to be able to guarantee the quality of their sensitive food products in the long term, extending their shelf-life and thus helping food waste prevention. What is more, the excellent mechanical properties of the film ensure perfect stiffness and very high puncture resistance, enabling it to withstand the effects of the production, handling and logistics processes until the final packed product reaches safely the consumer.


High efficiency for many packaging applications

Enabling a smooth switch from a conventional packaging formulation to a recyclable one, with no output rate reduction during packing, the suggested film reaches maximum speeds at ROVEMA’s new REVO machine series.

ROVEMA’s Form Fill and Seal machines of the REVO series are modular and available from a simple version for small budgets up to a special machine with an inclined filling tube for the particularly gentle packaging of fragile products. Convertible to continuous or intermittent motion packaging, the inno-tech REVO is available with Siemens or B&R machine control as standard. Equipped with a heat-sealing system for cross seams, the ROVEMA machines offer a wear-free sealing system, which does not require water-cooling and ensures a high uptime.

The novel machine + film packaging system for pillow bags presented at the show is suitable for packaging of a vast array of products for many applications, including frozen foods, snacks, confectionery, dried foods, and many more.

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FOODTECH Greece will be held in Athens on 12-15 November 2021. The recyclable packaging film will be running live at the REVO packaging line on display at the MORENOS stand in Hall 1, Stand A06-B05. Meet you there!