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Sustainable packaging solutions for frozen food

ROVEMA at Fachpack 2022: Hall 4 / Booth 278

ROVEMA will present sophisticated and sustainable solutions for packaging frozen food at Fachpack 2022. On display will be a continuous ROVEMA REVO S machine: with the REVO series, ROVEMA now has even more to offer for the frozen food industry. The continuous form fill and seal machines of the REVO series have a modular design and are available as a simple version for small budgets up to a special machine with an inclined filling tube for particularly gentle packaging of fragile products.

Convertible to continuous or intermittent packaging, the ROVEMA REVO can also reliably process demanding packaging materials such as paper. The ROVEMA REVO is available with Siemens or B&R machine control as standard. At Fachpack 2022, ROVEMA will show various pillow bag applications for the frozen food industry, e.g. two innovative solutions from Walki made of kraft paper with water vapor barrier and mono-PE, which fully meet today's requirements regarding recyclability.

Walki offers both functional barrier papers and mono plastic laminates that provide a sustainable packaging alternative for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) applications and can be used as an ideal replacement for multi-material laminates.

Applications demonstrated at the show achieve output rates of up to 120 pillow bags per minute and can be retrofitted to existing REVO S machines.

About Walki®EVO Seal and Lamibel®MDO-PE
Under the name Walki®EVO Seal, Finnish packaging specialist Walki Group offers recyclable paper-based packaging.

The Walki®EVO Seal M80 MBET version used at Fachpack has been specially developed for frozen foods and is based on a tear-resistant kraft paper with an innovative dispersion coating instead of the usual PE coating. These water-based coatings provide a high barrier against water vapor and grease, as well as excellent heat sealability even at high packing capacities. The dispersion coating makes Walki®EVO Seal recyclable in the waste paper stream without additional separation processes and with maximum fiber yield, and is the alternative to traditional paper with PE coating.

In addition to the paper-based Walki EVO Seal, a mono-material solution Lamibel®MDO-PE made of polyethylene is used as an additional option. The film-based material for pillow bags consists of counter-printed MDO-PE film and is laminated solvent-free with low-sealing LDPE. By using MDO technology, PET films can be replaced, film thickness minimized and packaging performance maximized. In addition, the packaging material convinces with its high-quality appearance and stiffness, as well as improved mechanical properties compared to standard PE. Optionally, the lamination film can be produced transparent so that the consumer can see the contents.

Lamibel®MDO-PE is fully recyclable in the PE plastic stream.

Walki®EVO Seal and Lamibel®MDO-PE are ideal packaging materials for frozen applications, e.g. frozen vegetables, frozen ready meals and frozen bakery products.

With passion and the experience of more than 60 years, ROVEMA develops and builds packaging machines and lines that meet the complex demands of the modern circular economy. ROVEMA thinks holistically and considers the environment, the market, the product and the packaging in projects from the very beginning. This enables the development of efficient and sustainable packaging machines with high availability. A sustainable solution that fits the characteristics of the product to be packaged and its requirements for logistics, packaging material, shelf life and energy efficiency is ROVEMA's top priority. A successful concept - ROVEMA has already delivered more than 30,000 machines and lines worldwide.