Final Packaging Machine EW-TI

Final Packaging Machine for Trays with Lid and Wraparound

Innovative packaging technology, modular extensible.
ROVEMA EW-TI is direct, fast and flexible. This final packaging machine for wraparound and tray packing is optionally available for full lids or lids in U-shape.

Gentle product handling and reliable operation.
The whole packaging process is conducted with harmonious and gentle movements. This protects – despite the high output – not only the product and packaging, but also ensures functional reliability. With the hygienic design the machines are accessible and visible from all sides and thus are very easy to clean. This series is supplemented by efficient grouping systems as an ideal solution for the increasing demand of single row packing with high case output.


  • High flexibility in carton designs: precise tray lid and wraparound packaging possible
  • For packaging with tamper proof and stacking flaps
  • User-friendly layout
  • Clearly structured and well accessible
  • Combined with innovative and efficient grouping systems
  • Gentle packaging of product
  • Fast and simple format changeover
  • Precise production of lid
  • Innovative packaging technology
  • Intuitive, easily understandable operation, user interface with graphic support in national language

Effective and economic.
The quick format changeover is reproducible by application-specific parameters, adjustment spindles, semi-automatic format adjustment and size parts. Thus downtimes ar e minimized and an economic and effective production process is ensured. Integrated into the whole packaging process, the level of automation will be increased at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Final Packaging

Endverpackung Typ Wraparound mit kurzer Lasche

Wraparound with short Flaps

Endverpackung Typ Wraparound mit langer Lasche

Wraparound with long Flaps

Endverpackung Typ Tray mit Deckel und kurzer Lasche

Tray with Lid, short Flaps

Endverpackung Typ Tray mit Deckel und langer Lasche

Tray with Lid, long Flaps

Endverpackung Typ Tray mit schrägem Deckel

Inclined Tray with Lid

Endverpackung Typ Tray mit U-Deckel


Endverpackung Typ offenes Tray

Open Tray

Endverpackung Typ offenes Tray mit Stapellasche

Open Tray with stacking Flaps

Technical Data

Buffer indexing chain as standard grouping system
  EW-TI 443
Max. case size D x C x H 420 x 430 x 300 mm
Max. output 25 (cases/min)