BVC 180/260/400

The all-rounder

The highlights
  • High efficiency and reduction of downtimes due to Sense&Seal product detection
  • Reliable product protection through Premiumseal
  • Ideally adaptable to various applications
  • Programmable sealing force
  • Hygienic design, without hollow spaces or profiles
  • Easy and quick cleaning, as the product area is separated from the drive area
  • Also available in stainless steel design
  • Intuitive, easily understandable operation, user interface
BVC 260

High machine efficiency with perfect bag quality.

The continuous motion Form Fill and Seal machine BVC is designed for maximum output performance. The machine is equipped with the Sense&Seal product detection and the high-quality sealing technology Premiumseal also at high speeds. This results in a very high machine efficiency whilst producing perfect bag quality. The product area is strictly separated from the drive area, which ensures that the machine satisfies even the most stringent hygiene demands. In addition, the machine can be quickly and easily cleaned.

Ideal for different attractive packaging forms.

The machine can process almost all mono and laminate packaging materials of different thicknesses to enable the production of a variety of bag styles. Depending on the packaging material the BVC machines can also be equipped with diff erent sealing types like heat sealing, impulse welding for PE fi lms or ultrasonic sealing. Additional devices to produce bag styles like Stabilo Seal or doypack as well as printers, labelers and applicators for re-closing systems or zip-bags can be integrated in a space-saving way. The packaging task determines the machine equipment.

Technical Data

BVC 180 BVC 260 BVC 400
Nominal output up to 220 (B/min.) up to 210 (B/min.) up to 150 (B/min.)
Sealing force (N) 6000 6000 8000
Format area (mm) 50 – 180 (220)* 60 – 260 (320)* 80 – 400 (420)*

* Gusset fold. Subject to technical changes.

Performance data depending on product and packaging material.

Pillow Bag Pillow Bag
Pillow Chainbag Pillow Chainbag
Gusseted Bag Gusseted Bag
Stand-up Pouch Stand-up Pouch
Stabilo Seal Stabilo Seal
RoPack RoPack
RoPack Tape RoPack Tape
More bag styles are available on request.
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