Baby food, powdered milk and coffee safely and sustainably packaged

Application example

Bag shape: pillow bag with lap seam
Packaging material: Polypropylene (PP) with EVOH oxygen barrier, 60 µm thick, sealable on the outside
Supplier: › Südpack
Machine: › BVC 180

The safe packaging of fatty powders, such as baby food, powdered milk and coffee powder, requires high barrier properties and an extraordinary sealed seam quality. Up to now, these sensitive products have preferably been packed aroma-tight with classic PET/aluminium composite packaging materials. The tested polypropylene packaging material also offers high gas tightness in combination with a fat, oil and oxygen barrier. Additional light protection through metallization is available as an option.

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A clear advantage of the mono-material: the PP mono-composite can be materially recycled and is therefore a sustainable form of product protection. By using the particularly thin packaging material with a thickness of only 60 µm, significant material savings can also be achieved.

Without compromising the shelf life, a comparable output to classical applications is achieved: During an application test with a continuously operating Vertical Form, Fill and Seal machine BVC 180, a filling quantity of 250 g and a repeat length of 300 mm, ROVEMA achieved an output of up to 100 bags per minute of safely and sustainably packed babyfood.