Milk and coffee powder best protected and sustainably packed with Bio-PE

Application example

Bag shape: block bottom bag with lap seam, protective gassing possible
Packaging material: BOPP/PE; sealing layer of 85 % BIO-PE, 90 µm thick
Supplier: › Hatzopoulos
Machine: › BVC 260 Flexible

The packaging of fatty powders requires high barrier properties and an extraordinary sealed seam quality. Up to now, these sensitive products have preferably been packaged aroma-tight with classic PET/aluminum composite packaging materials.

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The tested polyethylene packaging material with 85% BIO-PE allows packaging under protective gassing and offers a fat, oil and oxygen barrier. The polyolefin composite can be recycled and the sealing medium consists of 85% renewable resources.

ROVEMA achieved an output of up to 60 pillow bags per minute in application tests with a continuously operating Vertical Form, Fill and Seal machine BVC 260, a filling quantity of 500 g and a repeat length of 285 mm.