Sugar and basic muesli in paper

Application example

Bag shape: block bottom bag with fold-over seam
Packaging material: paper packaging material with partial seal coating (70g/m², 90ym)
Supplier: › Billerud, Schweden
Machine: › BVC 260 Flexible

The packaging of crystal sugar or basic muesli does not require any special barrier properties. A basic insect protection and a slight water vapour barrier are given with the selected 70g paper. Provided with a partial seal coating, this packaging material can be easily disposed of via the regional paper collection. The proportion of additives is less than 5%.

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With a repeat length of 310 mm and a filling weight of 500 g, ROVEMA achieved an output rate of up to 70 bags per minute in an application test with a continuously operating vertical Form, Fill and Seal machine BVC 260.

Vorschaubild für Verpacken von Hülsenfrüchten und Reis in Blockbodenbeutel
Rovema solution for pulses and rice: block bottom bags in WA cartons