Coffee beans and ground coffee well protected

Sustainable ideas can currently be found in most industries. It is the consumer who demands modern, recyclable solutions. The coffee industry is no exception. Few would like to do without coffee itself, but many would like to do without unnecessary packaging - be it the disposable take-away cup or the aluminum outer packaging of the coffee beans from the supermarket

ROVEMA as an experienced partner of well-known manufacturers worldwide, offers efficient turnkey solutions for the packaging of coffee - from dosing to final packaging. Ground coffee, coffee beans, agglomerated or freeze-dried coffee or a combination of these variants can be packed on the systems.

ROVEMA turnkey competence in coffee packaging
3 Form Fill and Seal machines BVC with auger dosing SDH and end-of-line packaging machine EW for the creation of wraparound packages.

The application of degassing valves is also possible without any problems. Here is an example for the production of stand-up pouches with button valve with the ROVEMA SBS.

Sustainable alternatives for the coffee industry - POS strength of pouches remains differentiator

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and THINK sustainably

We have investigated a variety of alternative packaging materials for coffee and other fatty products. There are now some promising alternatives. Not all of them offer flexibility in bag design that has been possible so far, but the issue of product protection seems to be solved even with the sustainable variants!

White Paper "Packaging Coffee"

More than 60 years of industry experience in just one guide. From line expertise to the use of sustainable packaging materials, it's all here.


Keep existing machines in production
Stabilo Seal in the reel carrier: POS-strong 4-edge sealed bags flexibly upgraded
Proportional valves: Optimized supply of protective gas and storing according to recipes 
Servo-driven unwind device: Precise film feeding of thin packaging materials, avoid abrasion